How to apply for student housing

Skövdebostäder’s student apartments are rented via a special student housing queue and only to persons admitted to the University of Skövde.

To be able to rent a student apartment, you must have an active registration in our student housing queue, even if you are already living in a Skövdebostäder apartment. Log in via My Pages at to register and manage your housing application.

Registering for the student housing queue

Your queuing time starts the day you register, and you can register at any time. Each day in the housing queue earns you one point, for example, you will have earned 365 points after one year in the queue. There is no other way to earn more points. The points are personal and cannot be transferred or added to someone else’s points.

You must update your profile once a year to keep your place in the queue. To do this, log in to My Pages, open Student Registration, check the data and save.

Registering your interest and preferences

Subject to availability, student apartments that fall vacant are generally advertised once a week on our website. Please note that there may be weeks when no student apartments are advertised. If you create an email alert, you will be informed as soon as apartments of your liking are advertised. The apartments are advertised for at least three days and during this time you can register your interest in all the advertised student apartments of your liking via My Pages. You can also indicate the order in which you prefer these apartments.

If you have the longest queuing time, you will get an offer for your first preference. You can only get one offer at a time. This is generally sent by email but can also be viewed on My Pages. If you refuse this offer, you will not get a new offer this time around. Therefore, only register your interest in the apartments of your liking.

You generally have two days to either accept or reject the offer. The easiest way is via My Pages. If you reject the offer or do not respond in time, the offer will go to the person next in the queue.

Skövdebostäder recommends that you regularly log in to My Pages to register your interest in any advertised apartments or respond to offers. Remember that responding in time primarily is your own responsibility.

If you fail to respond to offers on three occasions, you will be barred from the opportunity to register your interest in new apartments for 6 months.

Only persons admitted to the University of Skövde

You may not sign and hold a student housing contract with Skövdebostäder without a current letter of admission to the University of Skövde. If you have applied to the university but have not yet been accepted, you may not sign a contract. When you sign a contract, your queuing time will be set to zero. And you cannot apply for new housing with Skövdebostäder within six months of your date of arrival. It is your responsibility to terminate your student contract once you have completed your studies without being instructed to do so by Skövdebostäder.

Skövdebostäder reserves the right to change the management of the student housing queue over time.